ERP Implementation Process best practices for 2022

ERP Implementation Process

Last month, we talked about ERP Selection Process best practices, so if you’ve decided on that, it makes sense to now discuss ERP Implementation Process best practices.

Once you’ve chosen the right ERP system for your company, implementation is the next step and it isn’t as simple as just writing a check. You’ll need to consider several things to have the switch be as seamless as possible, as properly implementing an ERP system isn’t a simple process.

If you approach your ERP implementation process with a solid strategy and plan, you will have success – and limit headaches.

Here are some best practices to follow for your ERP implementation process.

Find the right team

Like most things in life, an ERP implementation process works best with the right team in place. You’ll need folks who understand your business processes and are committed to team work and communications. The team should include a project manager and representatives from key groups and teams.

 Set a clear vision

If you don’t have a vision and goal in mind with your ERP implementation process, chances are it will not go as planned. You’ll need to drill down into what you need to achieve and when – and you’ll need KPI’s to help measure success.

Talk to your team

When you are going through the process, gathering feedback from your team, your end-users, is critical. You cannot have a smooth process without understand how your team works and uses the ERP system – and working to iron out any obstacles or barriers.

Provide training and support

If you don’t provide a training and support program for employees, once the system is ready to go, you can’t expect them to understand how to use it. Also, setting up a training program ensures that new hires are brought up to speed as well.

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