AccuNet’s COVID-19 Response

AccuNet's COVID-19 Response

Updated Wednesday, May 13, 2020

As a local small business, we understand the impact this pandemic has on your lives, both personally and professionally.  We are committed to supporting our clients through this to come out stronger on the other side and are well prepared to continue the same level of service even as we adjust our operations to meet social distancing and increased hygiene requirements.

We are closely monitoring developments in the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, including responses from the CDC, WHO, and State of Ohio and have implemented solutions for our clients to support their efforts to securely work remotely.

If you have related questions on how you can better protect your employees while continuing normal business functions, please call us at 614-568-2116 or contact us here.

As Responsible RestartOhio beings to reopen Ohio businesses, we are resuming our normal schedule of monthly on-site visits for clients that are comfortable with those visits while following the protocols outlined by Responsible RestartOhio.

Be aware that there are those who will try to take advantage of distressing situations such as this pandemic, so practice necessary precautions to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of the onslaught of COVID-19-related malware and phishing scams.  Reach out to AccuNet if you have any questions or concerns related to the validity of an email or other communication you have received.

Please remain safe and practice the necessary precautions without fear and panic.  We are making the best out of a bad situation, and strong families and strong communities will help us navigate safely through these times.