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The cloud vs. on-premise software

The Cloud vs. on-premise software: Three reasons why the Cloud is the right choice

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, more and more people worked from home – meaning businesses had to set up ways to safely and securely work remotely. So, naturally, the Cloud vs. on-premise software became a topic of conversation, as businesses … Read More

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paperless accounts payable

Benefits of Paperless Accounts Payable: Four things every business owner should know

For years, paper and accounts payable went hand in hand. But the times they are a changing! Paper invoices are on the way out, and paperless accounts payable is something your company should consider. If you are wondering what paperless … Read More

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selecting ERP software

A business owner’s checklist for selecting ERP software

You’ve decided research selecting ERP software for your business. So, now what? It’s time to make a checklist of all the things you’ll need to consider when selecting ERP software! With so many companies offering ERP software, it’s critical that … Read More

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data backup services

Don’t skimp on data backup services: Here are some things you need to know

When you are looking at investing in data backup services, you might be tempted to cut corners or go with a cheaper option. After all, you’ve never really needed data backup services before, right? Why should you pay a ton … Read More

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ERP implementation

How to prepare your business – and your employees – for ERP implementation

Are you getting ready for a large-scale IT project? An ERP implementation is a lot for your business, and employees, to handle. There are many concerns with ERP implementation: Money, resources, time and more. However, there are things you can … Read More

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cloud erp

Calling all small and midsize businesses: Four reasons to consider a cloud ERP sooner rather than later

Being a small business owner means you wear many different hats. But for many small and midsize businesses, making decisions regarding technology isn’t always easy – especially if you are considering a cloud ERP. In these uncertain times, getting a … Read More

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Three benefits of e-payments for small businesses

E-payments are the way of the future for small businesses, and if yours hasn’t joined the crowd, here are three benefits you should consider. First, let’s look at what an e-payment is. E-payments are a way of billing clients or … Read More

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Paperless Accounts Payable software

Paperless Accounts Payable software: Could your business benefit?

If you run a business, you might have wondered if it could benefit from paperless accounts payable software. Shifting to an automated – and paperless – accounts payable software can benefit most businesses but it can still be a daunting … Read More

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time and expense management

Time and expense management: Is your business benefitting the way it could?

If your business is growing – or has grown – and you haven’t changed they way track time and expense management, this year is the year to update all that. Mid-size businesses have different budgeting concerns than small or large … Read More

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project management team

Four benefits of hiring an ERP implementation project management team

If you have a big ERP implementation project coming up, you are likely busy and stressed. Enter: The solution to your problems – a project management team! Most businesses do not realize that when they take on a business system … Read More

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