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What is the Dark Web and Should Your Company Be Scared of it?

The Dark Web, when you hear those words it sounds rather ominous doesn’t it? Most of what people browse on the internet is referred to as the “Surface Web” and it’s open to anyone with a regular internet browser. However … Read More

Microsoft financial reporting tool changes rattle Dynamics SL customers, GP customers, and partners

Let me be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with Microsoft.  Here is a case in point.  In 2014, Microsoft announced a new report writer called Management Reporter, MR for short. It was an additional financial report writer to the well-established … Read More

CALUMO Announces Reseller Partnership with AccuNet Inc.

Dallas, TX United States – 13 June 2018 – CALUMO and AccuNet Inc. have signed a reseller agreement to promote the licensing of the CALUMO Corporate Performance Management (CPM) suite for both on-premise and cloud deployment. The partnership enables AccuNet … Read More

Home Network Security Tip (ST15-002) from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Do you or your employees remotely access your business network from home?  Do you bank online or make online purchases from your home network?  These and many other activities you perform on your home network make home network security as … Read More

Ten Acronyms that the modern CFO/Controller needs to know

In today’ acronym-filled world, it is easy to blow past alphabet strings and not fully understand their meaning. Be fully armed to defend yourself in conversations with vendors, bosses, and co-workers; learn these terms. It is not that hard and ignorance can … Read More

E-Commerce – think of it as a full time sales and marketing person working 24/7 with no payroll cost

Growth in E-Commerce sales to the public and to existing customers is skyrocketing and if you are not expanding your online sales, you are probably missing revenue and here is why: 1)     Self-Serve – Customers prefer to research their purchase before … Read More

Workflow – The New Essential Tool for ERP Systems

As an accounting system consultant for over 25 years, I can appreciate the importance of a built-in workflow engine to streamline and codify best practices into your day-to-day accounting transactions. Here are some common examples of workflow, but their power … Read More

Fiendishly Clever Gmail Phishing Scam You Need To Know About

“Twitter user @_thp shared a recent phishing scam that they received; and it’s so fiendishly clever that it’s gone viral. They wrote: “This is the most clever phishing scam I’ve ever encountered and for a second it almost got me.” Now, that is perhaps a … Read More

Making Your CRO Accounting Department a Competitive Advantage

Connect with AccuNet’s CEO, Michael Milligan, and check out his additional articles here. Accounting is not only where the money is, it is where the information is. The challenge for CRO’s today is to combine classic financial information with study management information … Read More

Technology in the Dental Office

The use of technology in the dental office is an intricate component of servicing each and every patient.   When dentists are trained in school, they are not always using the latest and greatest technology for servicing patients.  Dentists are trained … Read More