Ask the ERP expert: Do’s and Don’ts of the ERP implementation phase 

ERP implementation phase

Once you get to the ERP implementation phase, you might think you are good to go. Everything is ready and what could possibly happen now?

There are some do’s and don’ts of any ERP implementation phase, however, and they can save you – and your company – many headaches.

DO: Set a timeline and plan for the ERP implementation phase, but be flexible.

As with any project, it’s always a good idea to make a list of your priorities and then figure out a reasonable timeline to get them accomplished – generally in six months or less.

Doing the implementation in phases will help you work out any bugs and troubleshoot issues before you move to the next phase, as well.

‍DON’T: Fail to appoint someone to oversee the project.

‍It might seem like you need a team to oversee the process, but in reality, appointing one key person to do the job is the way to go. Yes, you’ll still need all the users and stakeholders looped in to the project, but you’ll need a single point of contact to ease communication, and work with your ERP service provider.

‍ DO: Work with your ERP service provider to make sure you have the tools and features you need.

When you are in the ERP implementation process, you might find that some tools and features of your new system are amazing and work great – but you might also find you don’t need others. An ERP system should streamline your business and help with efficiency, so make sure the system you get is the one you need.

DON’T: Take time to craft a careful plan.

The fact is, an ERP system can only work if you plan out the process carefully. If you don’t plan it out, appoint the proper person and then do the training, your new system may not deliver all it’s capable of delivering. There will be challenges along the way, so planning – and patience – will get you through.

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